YouTube: Dislikes are abolished in the current form

Stadia (mentioned in the advancement stage Task Stream) is a cloud gaming service of the United States firm Google LLC. All math operations of the games are made in Google information centers and transformed there right into video signals. The player receives the audiovisual feedback of the game via the web browser Google Chrome, chosen smart devices or a chromecast-connected TV. For managing, the gamer utilizes a suitable game pad or on the computer alternate computer mouse and keyboard.

The video platform YouTube is known as hardly a second website. Last year, only the Google Search Engine itself had more views, right on 2nd place is the Google daughter YouTube with monthly to call 40 billion worldwide. Now comes to the gigantic user creates a big change !

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Dislike button no longer as before

YouTube creates the Dislike button — at least in its current form. Expressions can continue to express their distributors via the button below a video. However, the number of dislikes is no longer displayed to each.

What changes with the dislikes?

The dislike number gets only the respective YouTuber or Content Creator, i.e. to see uploaders of the video. This form of feedback would like to continue to provide YouTube the Content Creator, says the company. The users and users should no longer face the number.

Why does YouTube change the function?

YouTube also reveals that the changeover has already been tested and made sense. Therefore, the rollout now comes for all on the video platform. It would like to protect creatives on YouTube from Hate attacks, the Google s daughter says. The Dislike button is used again and again to finish YouTuber.

Great change for YouTube

Thus, the first major change on the feedback system on YouTube has been in force for over ten years. At that time, the system was converted to the Like and Dislike buttons used to today.

Previously, spectators and spectators of their favor were expressed at a video with an up to five stars. YouTube went to the buttons at that time, since according to its own statement mainly anyway only the minimum or maximum of stars was awarded, just one or five.

Source: YouTube

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