The victory is the only way! Mobile City X × Sakugan collaboration start

2K Games is a video game distributor based in Novice (California), a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive, a firm that in turn possesses Rockstar Games, maker of the Grand Theft Automobile collection. It was started on January 25, 2005, after Take-Two got Aesthetic Ideas programmer and also its subsidiary Kush Games of SEGA for 24 million US bucks. The name 2K Games originates from the Aesthetic Ideas sports computer game collection, line that commonly describes the 2K collection, which was originally released specifically for the Dream cast console. 2K Games publishes a wide array of titles established for consoles as well as computer both inside, via its subsidiary researches (2K Czech, Fir axis Games, Irrational Games, 2K China, 2K Marin, Visual Concepts, Feline Father Games and also 2K Australia) as on the surface. Previously, the firm incorporated various other researches currently closed or taken in: Frog City Software Program, Indie Built, Venom Games as well as Pop top Software.

Release Games has notified about starting collaboration events of this winter Mobile City X and Sagan.

If there is no way, you should dig! This year August, Ne tease Games City Manga Wind Mechanics Mobile Game Mobile City X announced a collaboration with Sagan. Many players think that they were waiting for the new SF robot animation and two-dimensional mechanical shooting games. This winter, Mobile City X and Sagan collaboration event finally start!

Sagan, one of the popular animations of this fall, is commanded by Mr. Munich WADA, a famous anime, and Mr. Mahavira Keyword is Kiev Concept Design. The main character girl Memento is a marker and wants to explore the wonderful world outside. However, her father s Gardner, a original marker, wants her to live as an ordinary girl. Under the SF world view, an uneven parent and child is a story that challenges the labyrinth that Kailua is a good.

In addition to human and mechanical heat-blooded adventure stories, Hinayana Kana, Tokugawa GUI, and super luxurious voice actors such as Pirogi Hisashi, have many fans. Sagan keeps the top with anime popular ranking since October. The fans are especially crazy in the hot fight of the marker machine that Meme and Gardner steering. Fight for a beautiful future. This is one of the philosophies that the mobile city will pursue. Members and Kailua Death, Memento and Gardner Find the Future, all matches the world view of the Mobile City X depicting the relationship between humans and mechanical relationships. In this collaboration, Memento and Gardner also break the chain of the labyrinth, each of the S-grade collaboration riots and appear in the mobile city. In the game, you can enjoy the goggles of Meme and her chest goggles and pagan bars in proximity.

In addition, Big Money with her father daughter in anime and Big Tony also appears in the Mobile City as a Walker s SS Mechanical Méchain. In addition to reproducing the design of the mechanism in the anime, high speed movement and deformation function to belle mode can be taken over, and maneuvering can be enjoyed. Hacker Boy s Yuri s image of the muse skin Assault Rifle-Yuri designed with the image of the Mecca is also appeared in the game as a compensation for collaboration planning. Besides these, many surprises about collaboration with Sagan in mobile cities. Please look for yourself.

The collaboration benefits that you are most concerned are also very well. For example, 7 days login will receive a collector s gift certificate and a labyrinth pioneer pack. In addition, Labelling Super can earn collaboration A-grade weapons skins Assault Rifle-Yuri. So far, Mobile City X has created a wide variety of open fantasy cities by holding a variety of collaboration events. In addition to collaboration with the magical robot anime Grand Berm, we invited a popular virtual idol VICUNA AI to hold a concert in the first game of VICUNA AI. The collaboration plan with the Premiere requested from the players will also be expected to be announced at the end of the year. Premiere is a work that has been nominated for the Annie Award-Hen Independent Works Award. What surprises would you bring to the mobile city? Please look forward to it!

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