The Binding of Isaac: Repentance involving PS5, Xbox Series X, and Change this week

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance will involve PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, and also Nintendo Switch this Thursday, November 4.

Designer Edmund McMillen introduced the impending console launch of the upgraded rogue-like on Twitter. He also clarified that the Xbox One variation of the video game will certainly get here not long after the other console launches, with retail releases using some unique goodies additionally coming up quickly.

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Repentance was introduced just over a year ago and also referred to as the last sequel-sized expansion for The Binding of Isaac, which was initial released over ten years ago and also has given that been updated regarding a million times-- as well as might well be upgraded once more, albeit out the scale of Attrition. Repentance is Isaac s biggest DLC yet, including over 130 items, 100 opponents, 25 bosses, 100 achievements, and also two brand-new playable characters, all loaded right into some 5,000 possible area designs (which isn t as mind-boggling as it sounds given the game s procedural generation, but still, that s a great deal of rooms).

The Binding of Isaac: Attrition concerned PC previously this year as well as has actually already racked up countless mostly positive testimonials on Heavy steam. Attrition is practically simply a DLC instead of a complete new variation, so you ll still need the Binding of Isaac: Rejuvenation-- which an entire brand-new version of the base video game-- to play it. It s likewise separate from the Afterbirth as well as Afterbirth+ DLCs, which aided maintain the video game active for many years.


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