The 7 best radios in the history of GTA; The love of Rockstar for music

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Saga Grand Theft Auto It is a history of video games to person who despite. The franchise created by Rockstar Games has marked a lot of people thanks to the tapping narratives that he has created, as well as his huge open world and freedom to be able to do what we want and the great affection he puts him in each of his games. But this time we will not talk about their stories or their quality, but of something that is always present and that it is necessary to spend the maximum time in the gigantic GTA maps: Radio stations.

Each one of the deliveries has left us for hours in a car without being able to listen to one of its radios, and that is why we have compiled the best we have heard throughout the franchise. You have to emphasize that we will talk about the original stations, so it will include music that currently as license is not in the game.

Radio frightening of GTA Vice City; take it or leave it

We could not start in the best way on this top than with radio frightening, the Latin radio par excellence of vice city. His music and atmosphere transports us directly to the Miami of the 80s in which the Cubans were increasingly present and fell in love with the voice of Tito Puerto, that many will sound for their mythical song of hatred towards the Lord Burns in the Simpsons. But the star song of this radio station can not be another that Life is a lentil of our beloved USA. Luckily in registering, this song will continue to present, although we will lose many so many also dear by the community as I like it like that of Pete Rodríguez.

NON-STOP FM GTA V; A perfect radio for nights in the saints

Radio Los Santos - GTA San Andreas Full Radio No ADS

The last delivery of the saga has left us numerous radios for the memory, but none threatens us more long trips that Non-Stop FM. Commanded by the actress Face of Levine, collects the last successes from Indie and International Pop-Rock, with songs as catchy as The Rhythm of the Night Crown, Midnight City from M83 or Give me more by Britney Spears. If we have chosen this one on the sixth above others, it is basically because of its incredible number of songs, with a total of about two and a half hours of quality music without stopping. Who has not been several kilometers singing Meet the Halfway While we passed through the beach of the saints?

Radio Los Santos de Gta San Andreas; Welcome to 90

If there was something to characterize GTA San Andreas, it was his neighborhood Gainesville atmosphere with CJ Leading Groove Street, and Radio Los Santos Cal came perfection all this Norberto at Los Angeles atmosphere. With Groups of the 90s as n.w.a. or Cypress Hill, your song list is simple but very concise, with topics at the height of the game as Today Was a good day of Ice Cube, Express Yourself from n.w.A. or the incredible Ain t Nu thin But to GT hang of Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre with which we hesitated throughout the city of Saints and the Ventures to show respect and fear of our greatest enemies: the bullets.

K-DST FM of GTA: San Andreas; Long life to rock

I could not miss a rock station on this list, and we have decided to add that of San Andreas by the amount-quality ratio that had regarding others. Vice City was a huge option, but Barracuda is too much. The perfect radio to travel through Mount Chilled or the Ventures desert, K-DST FM is one of those stations we will always remember with love Thanks to the good songs that it left us for posterity as Horse with no name from America or the outstanding Hold the line with Toto that more than one (including a server) will continue to listen and singing when he returns to the saints with the remastered version of the adventures of CJ

Flash FM of GTA VICE City; The best radius of the trilogy of PS2

We started the top 3 with, clearly, the best issuer of the trilogy that will be remastered today: Flash FM. Legends of music like Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams could be heard during our Missions with Tapes of the size of Billie Jean or Japanese Boy. We are still not aware of how Costar got all these licenses, since all the songs were the fury in the dance tracks of the 80s, causing 90% of the times we set up in a car directly send this station. OUT OF TOUCH From The Halfway s, Video Killed The Radio Star from The Buggies and Self Control are other so many songs that this soundtrack has. We are not going to lie, if we had not born in Spain, this station would be in first place... but the Latin rhythm is too present in our veins.

East the FM; the biggest and best surprise of GTA V

The silver medal is taken by a station of GTA v that it seemed that it was going to go unnoticed in its departure, but it ended up being one of the most beloved throughout the community Thank you above all to your Host: Don Chemo. The legendary Mexican singer gave his touch of ruler and improving a radio full of songs that became legends like the solidity of the sorcerers or the king and me of the black Chilean black angels. All the songs we will beat them as we walked through the most desert area of ​​the saints, but none will surpass the star song of the station sang by Don Chemo itself: The tattooed. Each one of us have shouted the chorus of him: Why do you Tatamis ?!

San Juan Sounds; The Latin Rhythm Lead Grand Theft Auto

The Gordon Award is taken GTA 4, which enters the top with the best station of the whole saga for many: San Juan Sounds. Yes, we already know that the reggaeton is not the best genre to listen in terms of meaning, but the rhythm of all the songs exceed any list that we can find on the radio. What radio can you boast of having daddy American as host and presenting the 13th Street Trumpet with Atrevete-Te-te ? Don Omar, ISIN & Handel and Elvis Crest Lead this radio with Sun came out, sexy movement and gently respectively. None of the appeared songs is bad, and all of them have appeared at least once when we have gone out of our city. This essence is unique and none of the issuers that we have mentioned above will have the Latin essence that both in love and this. Long life to San Juan Sounds.


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