Swords of Legends Online s The Forbidden Court Update Includes New Tale, 2 New Raids & More This Month

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This month, Swords of Legends Online includes brand-new tale web content, brand-new raids, as well as extra in its coming upgrade 1.1, The Forbidden Court. For those trying to find more web content, consisting of more endgame web content, this update will certainly bring that, with both new raids debuting in their regular forms, brand-new items and more.

New Raid - Sparkwood Gardens The Forbidden Court will be launched on November 18th, with the initial new raid, Spark wood Gardens, opening up one week later November 25th. So what else will you have the ability to do? There s a new chapter that will proceed the tale as well as let you aid explore the Awareness attacks on the Floral Palace.

Spark wood Gardens will certainly open up for 10-20 gamers that intend to take on its mystical and altered bosses, all themed to the gardens motif and the damaged magic that altered them. Among them is the Jade Blade Mantis, a transformed hoping mantis that s currently geared up with substantial pincers and also armored defensively in a jade shell. Shirenchang of the Plant Spirit, the outcome of putting a sprite right into a shirenchang, incorporating them right into a brand-new difficulty. The Four-Armed Ghoul, with bit more in mind than destroying you, as well as Ismael, an unsafe leader of the Yin.

The second raid, Forbidden Court of the Floral Palace, will tie right into the story and additionally include 4 managers to conquer for 10-20 gamer teams.

There s additionally a brand-new attribute called the Memory Box, which aims to provide methods to make dungeon obstacles harder for far better loot. A new mini-game, Sunshine Cage, allows groups of up to five earn themselves Solar Gold Crystals for new incentives.

The SOLO team is additionally holding a special preview stream for the EVE web content in the coming upgrade today at 3pm Eastern/ 9pm CET on the game s official Twitch network.

For a lot more on the upgrade, see the Swords of Legends Online announcement right here.


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