Pacification in the DEL? You can argue about it

For Ger not Trips, there are games about a possible vaccination for the players from the DEL many open questions. You can really argue about this, said the League Managing Director of the FAZ : The framework conditions of politics are decisive: What s job law? Can I suspect impaired? With or without salary? Can I even terminate him? Or what happens if he is tested positive?

In this topic, the Americans Rigorous who say: If you have Corona and are unpainted, there is no salary or even the termination. And if you need to go to the hospital, please pay $4,000 a day, says Trips. But these are social topics, you can not just say in Germany as Del, we ll do that now and so.

A risk for the game operation

Because of the rising incidences, Ticket wants as often as it is PCR tests. We have recently aggravated that for us now. But maybe we have to extend it to the completely vaccinated teams at some point.

Currently, not vaccinated people would make a PCR test three times a week, at least once. That makes no other sport, at least not obligatory. Basically, instant apart from health is a risk for the game operation.


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