Net Investment, Gesta Game Conference Efficient Game Server Development Notes Announced

[Data provided: Net In]

BAE Hyun-junction CATO Game server development Problem Cause and solution method presentation

Commercial Games Server Engine Proud Net 2 New Solution Introduction

The Net Inner participated in the STARGAZE Conference and the game server development know-how will be announced at the Sacco Convention Hall at 3:00 pm on the 18th.

BAE Hyun-junction Net Incorporation CTO lecture as a topic of How to Develop a more Stable and Quick Game Server. From the development of the game server to service operations, we will look at the various problems and causes that may occur during the game development process and introduce a new solution through its commercial game server engine Proud Net 2.

BAE Byung-soo CTO has developed a Proud Net in Korea as a developer who has established a network in 2008.

How Networking Works in Games Net Incorporation is the first largest game server engine developer, which is currently being used in 200 games currently in 13 countries. Proud Net is optimized for gameplay development ▲ High performance server ▲ Various platforms and language support ▲ Solutions such as P2P communications capabilities and support for easy and efficient game development.


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