Marvel s Classic - Is Thanos mosting likely to kill Thor with his own hammer in 2022?

The Marvel Universe may be permanently, however a series of teasers counting to Marvel Comic Books Timeless 1 are ticking away the seconds with clock-themed images showcasing a few of the stories included in the upcoming anthology one-shot.

Remarkably, all the stories included in Ageless 1 remain in fact teasers themselves, defined by the author as the very first glimpse at what s to find following year, including brand-new developments for the X-Men, Adventurer, Poison, the Avengers, and also all the major players in the Wonder pantheon! back when it was revealed.

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As such, among the first intros, which Newsarama debuts below, portrays none aside from fan-favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe villain Thanos wielding a tool also a lot more unsettling than his notorious Infinity Gauntlet - Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, encrusted with all 6 of the Infinity Stones.

What tool will Thanos wield to intimidate the future of the Marvel Universe? asks the intro s simple text.

As ominous as this teaser seems, visitors of author Donny Cates current quantity of Thor should be utilized to it by currently, as the clash between the God of Thunder as well as the Mad Titan (with Thanos and not Thor wielding Mjolnir) has actually been foreshadowed since as much back as 2020 s Thor 6.

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In that issue, while dealing with the villain referred to as the Black Winter, Thor dreamt of his death through Thanos, wielding the Infinity Stone-empowered Mjolnir, while leading a military of undead Wonder heroes.

Ever since, Thor has actually had repeating problems concerning his fatality at Thanos hands, most just recently in Thor 16, in which the full scene of Thor s death plays out in his visions, exactly on the web page. At the very same time, the delight on Mjolnir has actually been transforming, with the hammer handling unforeseeable homes, consisting of becoming unwieldable by Thor however able to be raised by everybody else as well as also swinging itself unbidden at Captain America.

What does this all mean? Well, if we needed to think, it suggests that Thanos is mosting likely to kill Thor in 2022, after handling to wrest control of Mjolnir thanks to its fading enchantment.

Rest in peace Thor - and perhaps a good portion of the larger Marvel Universe, if a tale with ramifications as enormous as Thanos wielding an Infinity Stone-empowered Mjolnir to lead a military of zombie heroes can be depended on to go to its all-natural progression.

Time will tell (see what we did there?) when Ageless is launched on December 22.


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