It becomes much easier, paid mods for Valve

Microsoft is currently probably much better to better support the modding community. Recently, for example, an update for the Microsoft Store and the Xbox app was announced, with which player can install their titles everywhere, where they want. This does not only make it easier for the standard user to move games to other folders, but also facilitates mods.

Valve title become easier to modern

The Havok-Physics engine is currently part of Microsoft and is used for Valve Title as Half Life: Alex. If you want to create mods for these games, you need access to the Havoc engine. So far, this cost a fee of 50,000 dollars for chargeable mods.

TF2ccwiki now shared on Twitter that Valve and Microsoft probably met an agreement and now no fee for using the engine requires. This is much easier for fans to type the various Valve titles.

We have made an agreement with Microsoft that the HAVOC fees will be adopted for future mods of Valve games. The aside, we see the main purpose of mods in acting as non-commercial fan projects.

This answer also received the Development Lead of Momentum Mod, Gonna. In another Tweet, TF2ccwiki declared that these royalties are only charged for paid mods. All mods for Team Fortress 2, however, are free, which is why the title of this is probably not affected.

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Valve Introduces Paid Mods to Steam Workshop - Will This Destroy the Mod Community? author 15.11.2021 at 19:07


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