[Gestos 2021] Gadis Order, Dot and Hand Taste Sensibility

[INTERNATIONAL] I am constituting a different experience with my mobile game.

The Tae-hyun Road Complete Representative and Along Tarrying PD introduced the Gar dis Order in the Susan Cusco Reporters Conference on the 19th of Gustav 2021.

The Road Complete is developed as a Cruiser Quest and the Cacao Games (each representative Nam Gong Hewn, CHO Typhoon) is going to serve in 2022. As you can see from the title, you have a goddess (Gar dis) to get an adventure to save the world.

This game implements dot graphics of fairy tale style to spend the pleasure of adventure. It is characterized by a point that the same hand-to-hand taste is to play console games with manual manipulation differently from existing mobile games.

Along Tarrying PD said, There is a domain that can not be dotted, says, There is an emotion, romance, dream and hope that you can represent, Dot is one of the most good load complexes and is an explanation that users are expecting.

In addition to combat production, the Gar dis Order provides a variety of modes to directly operate the scenario situation. In addition, it maximized the action with a core combat system, including a basic workshop, including a basic workshop, including attack and defense.

As such, Gar dis Order emphasized manual battle for pleasure that can be felt in the Square Hand Taste. PD is direct operation, but the device is as for the users fatigue, and it is explained by manual and auto-properity. He said, I guess that I am constantly dedicated to the user who wants to have other experiences to the mobile game so far.

The rod compliant is a core keyword, and the developed side scrolling method is also communicated to this new experience. It is a strategy for catching both conflicting goals of simplification of manipulation and depth combat. PD said, If you do not want to concentrate, you can reduce unnecessary margins, you can increase the combat density.

Topik On this day, the rod complex mentioned a new background with Cacao Games. I was unusual because I was unusual because I was unusual because I was unusual because I had a threshold, I have to do it for a while in Cacao Games. I wanted to give you joy to both Korea and the global user, I thought that a partner that could do well on both sides thought, he added.

According to the load compliance, the Gar dis RDA, which has been done for four years, including early research courses, is currently in progress of 70%.

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Meanwhile, Wadis Orders in Gustav, which are held from on the 17th, did not disclose the question. The basic system was a basis, and now, he is a step of increasing the completeness, he said, I could not disclose a lot, but I could show good look, he said.


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