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Fora Horizon 5 stutters FPS Falls — This optimization guide will show you how to solve problems related to performance, such as FPS Drops and Stuttering in Fora Horizon 5 PC.

Fora Horizon 5 Optimization Guide 5

The most expected racing game of 2021 is finally here. Yes, I m talking about Fora Horizon 5. It s definitely one of the best racing games I ve had in my hands. Normally I do not play racing titles, and I am more than the type COD and APEX. But, just after touching the introduction part of FH5, I hooked. And I can guarantee that even if you are not a fan of racing games, this will love it.

The game presents hundreds of the best cars in the world. And the details, in each car, do not look like anything I ve seen before. This is nothing less than a visual marvel. Here is a small word of developers about the game:

Fora Horizon 5 presents our most diverse, adventurous and social open world, inviting players to lead stunning expeditions through vibrant landscapes and in constantly evolution of Mexico with unlimited and fun driving action in hundreds of Best cars in the world.

If you review the FH5 ratings, it is raining 5 and 10 seconds. IGN has already qualified the game with 10/10, calling it a masterpiece. And I do not think it s an exaggeration. This is probably one of the most next-generation titles that we have available to play, at this time.

Fora 5 works well for the most part. In fact, I was surprised to see optimization. I was approaching an average of 75 fps, in the maximum configuration with Ray Tracing activated, in my 3060 you. You can see the presentation video if you wish:

But I agree, the game has some technical problems. And it does not work so well in low-end GPU, compared to mid-range GPU or high. But, I do not think I can blame the game here, considering how incredible the textures and the images are.

I reviewed some Reddit publications, and it seems that some PC players are experiencing Stuttering and FPS DROPS in the game. Take this publication, for example:

Hello. I bought Fora Horizon 5 Premium Edition a few days ago. I have noticed a kind of stuttering in the game, especially when I drive fast. Furthermore, I do not know if it s a coincidence, but I noticed it especially when I drove fast. Does anyone know how to fix it or reduce it significantly? It s a bit of frustrating drive when stuttering all the time.

How to fix FPS falls and DataMade

Before continuing, I would recommend that you first see the official requirements of the Fora Horizon 5. Here are the recommended specifications:


The version | Windows Update November 10, 2019 (1909) | Update Windows November 10, 2019 (1909) UPC | Ry zen 5 1500x | Intel i5-8100. GPU | RADON RX 590 | NVIDIA GTX 1070. VRAM | 8 GB | 8 GB. RAM | 16 GB | 16 GB HDD | 110 GB | 110 GB.

As you can see, the developers have recommended the cooling of 8 GB of VRAM in Recommended. At first, I did not pay much attention. But if you look at the video that is displayed above, you will notice that the game consumes more than 7 GB of VRAM almost all the time. And it only works with a resolution of 1920 × 1080. Today, many people buy games after seeing the minimum requirements. Let me tell you, the minimum requirements are there to inform you about the minimum things you need to execute the game. They do not guarantee a fluid gameplay.

Also, if you face FPS and stuttering drops during your initial unit, then this is what developers have to say about it:

Forza Horizon 5 PC Optimization Guide - Best Graphics Settings for 60 FPS

Players can experience stops and large FPS falls during the initial driving (mainly in the transitions of cutting scenes to the active game. This will only affect the machines where players do not have enough RAM for quality settings.

cap the fps

I saw that this correction was recommended in my publications. And, every time, the user has confirmed that this works. This solution is for users who have a decent PC, but they still experience stuttering, as long as they drive their cars quickly.

Simply limit or block your FPS in the game, using any third-party application. You can use the control panel of your GPU. NVIDIA has this option. You can also use ROSS to do this.

Establish the priority of the Fora Process Horizon 5 in Alta

This is another solution that has worked for many users. All you have to do is set the priority of the FH5 process high. To do that:

Launch of Fora Horizon 5 Minimize and run the task manager. Go to the tab Details Search the process: Forzahorizon5.exe

Right click on it and Establish priority in Alta

You have to do this, every time you start the game.

Modify the video settings to squeeze additional performance

Are you also interested in topics related to Forza Horizon Games?

Many users arranged DataMade simply by modifying some settings in the configuration menu. I have already written a guide about this, you will tell you what to enable and what to disable. I tried the game in a GTX 1650. Therefore, it may be useful.

Configure your NVIDIA control panel to focus on performance

If you open your NVIDIA control panel and click on Adjust the image settings with preview. You will notice 3 options there:

Let the 3D application decide Use advanced 3D images settings Use my preference emphasizing: Performance Balanced. Quality

Choose the third option and configure it in Performance. By doing this, you will not have to configure your NVIDIA control panel manually. The NVIDIA control panel will perform all appropriate 3D image settings according to your preferences.

If none of the solutions mentioned above works for you, you should contact the support. Visit this link to inform your problem.

That s all folks!


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