Football World Cup: Qatar opens completely disassembled World Cup

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One year before the World Cup start, the first completely dismantled stadium in the history of the World Championships history has been opened in Qatar. As part of a virtual opening ceremony, the stadium 974 was revealed on Saturday near the port of Doha. It is named after the number of ship containers used for construction, and at the same time after the international area code Qatar.

Thus, seven of the eight World Cup arenas are completed. Well enjoy it all here, said FIFA President Gianni Infantino: The fans will enjoy first-class games in eight-class games in eight-prime stages. We can barely expect to bring together people of a variety of origin.

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FIFA World Cup, Qatar 2022: preparation to host football world cup

In the 40,000 spectator-catching stadium 974 seven games are held until the second round of the World Cup 2022. During the Arabia Cup (November 30th to December 18th), six lots take place there, including the first semi-final and the game around third place.

One year before the World Cup prelude on November 21, 2022, Qatar continues because of the exploitation of the workers from Nepal, India or Bangladesh in criticism. According to a report by the International Labor Organization of the United Nations (ILL), 50 work migrants have come to life last year.


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