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The Renault 19 is a French compact vehicle marketed from 1988 to 1996 in Europe, however generated till the end of 2000 for the nations of South America. She was the last Renault to receive a number for name. Its system was that of the Renault 9 as well as Renault 11 which it replaced, as well as likewise worked as Megan after it. At the time, the R19 was an expansion owner for Renault, which wanted both to pass through the German market and also recover its layer of arms with a close-up finish as well as integrity. The auto was set up in robotic plants, as well as for the futuristic time, particularly in Douay. As an outcome, even with its lines regarded banal, the R19 was taken into consideration, during its exit, as a gigantic not ahead of the manufacturer in the direction of a better of manufacture. She was also the very successful international car in West Germany in 1990 and afterwards in reunited Germany from 1991 to 1994,,,. His engine E, claims Power, is renowned for its dependability and longevity.

That it was an unauthorized penalty at the end, the Welder secured a 1: 1 in the ninth minute of the injection time, but on Bremen side no one disturbed anyone. I have to make the team a compliment because we delivered a hot fight all the time, said, for example, Forager Marvin Duck sch in the Sky interview.

From the restlessness around the resigned ex-coach Markus beginning, the team did not leave the concept. There you can see what a troupe we are, as we hold together, said Duck sch clear, for which better opportunities evaluation even a victory deserved tonight would have been.

Niclas Fullkrug

A praise, in which the Bremen captain fell. With this prehistory, the team did a huge game. It was already a neck strike, but we did not want to go to the square as a sacrifice, explained oilers Torah. Through the one counter, Welder contact the three points better FC Schalke 04, which felt afterwards.

Thats pure thrill in the 97th minute.

Nicolas Fuller

Also, Nicolas Fuller, who had to wait for a minute, to go to the penalty, allowed the bustle in and around the game cold. With sleeves, I would not have come so far. I was looking for animal on the penalty, confessed the attacker: Thats pure thrill in the 97th minute.

Joker Roger Scale, only briefly replaced, went to a duel with Henning Patrician to the ground. You do not have to give him, its a stressful penalty, Interim Trainer Daniel Djokovic admitted and had a praise for Scale left: He made it clever. Whether he will sit in Kiel next Saturday evening (20.30, live! At team) on the bench, Djokovic left open. It goes exclusively to Welder. So his team had occurred in the 99 minutes before.


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