Explanation of the Halo Infinite classification system: How CSR works and at all levels

If you are looking to enter the competitive side of Halo Infinite, then you will need to deepen your classified playlists. With this comes a new challenge, to open path at full speed Halo Infinite classification system. But how rank of competitive skill (CSR) work, and what skill levels can you reach? In this guide, we tell you everything you need to know.

Explanation of the infinite classification system of Halo

The classified playlist of Halo Infinite has a ranking of competitive skills or a CSR system that measures your ability against your opponents and gives you a skill level that goes from Bronze to Onyx.

This skill level then determines against whom you will play (people of a similar skill level) and then increase or decrease according to your performance in the parties.

To begin, you must play 10 games in a classified playlist to determine your initial CSR. From that moment, its performance will calculate if it goes up or down in the competitive skills classification.

All levels of infinite halo skill

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There are six different skill levels that you can achieve on the Halo Infinite classified playlist. These are:


Money Gold Platinum Diamond Onyx.

All except Onyx have six ranges within them, which go from I to VI. When performing better than expected in an equal item, you will have the opportunity to increase your rank at a skill level. 343 Industries has provided a useful infographic that details this below:

Image Credit: 343 Industries

Will the rank of competitive skill to the new seasons will be transferred?

Yes, from what we know, its rank of competitive skill will not be reset at the beginning of a new season.

When the new season begins officially on December 8, along with the full launch of the game, all its progress will be transferred from this beta period of preseason in which we are now, including its CSR.

What changes in Halo Infinite classified playlists?

In addition to affecting your competitive skill level, playing Halo Infinite classified playlists also changes a series of game settings. Specifically, these are:

Combat rifle begins Without radar / combat sensor deactivated Fire friend activated Markers of pomegranates deactivated Appearance of static weapons

This is all you need to know Explanation of the Halo Infinite classification system. To get more tips, tricks and guides, be sure to investigate skill level or consult more of our game coverage below.

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