Did you go big? 1 week before Christmas broadcasts 'Lost Arc'

The annual event that represents the roast arc is 'Roan' season 'season's season.

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The Smile Gate opened the LOA on Winter (Logo, LOA on Winter (Logo, which represents its MMORPG Lost Ark on 24th, and released the event schedule and various events. Roan Winter is held on December 18th, and is implemented online, as 'LOA on Mini', which is introduced in June.

On the Roan Winter Information page, on December 1, you can apply for an online forecast, pre-question, registration, and condemnation of preliminary questions, and the online relaxation will proceed in an contact manner to participate in video chat..

This time, in Winter, a dream-to-a-Winter, Abel Shed Hard Difficulty and Esther Weapons, will show you the update roadmap, and a variety of issues such as 'Cyber ​​Footprints' and 'Gold Inflation', which were pointed out as a problem, will be dealt with.

The Smile Gate RPG support is expected to be a meaningful time to communicate with the roads and the roadmaps that Most Arcs have been walking for three years, said Smile Gate RPG support. I will prepare for my best to be the best.

For more information on Roan Winter, you can check through the Most Arc Official YouTube and Official Homepage.


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