Bug tears players across the maps of Battlefield 2042 developers promise a solution

Battlefield 2042HAT have been struggling with some problems since the Early Access. One who employs many players is so-called Rubber banding — a problem with the connection and performance. The developer team already promises a solution here.

What is this for a bug? Since release, Battlefield 2042 has problems with the servers and performance. One of these problems is the Rubber banding. The models and players are pulled across the game world, as on a naming rubber band.

This can only be visually impacted if she pauses as well as on your own game. Increasingly, it occurs that players will take a step forward and withdraw immediately.

This is particularly deadly, if you are traveling in a Jet or Held and an evasive maneuver is not registered, so you fly against the next obstacle or the ground, as a Reddit user shows.

In very extreme cases, the characters are even thrown away several hundred meters. This is not necessarily always rubber banding, but can also come about by incorrect collision. Under the players, however, it is handled as the same problem:

Such cases are particularly annoying when players are reset after a long journey. Because the maps of Battlefield 2042 apply to many fans than too big. Fortunately, the developers are already working on the problem and even found a possible solution.

Gadget should provide problems, is disabled

Thus, the developers are reacting: On the evening of November 16, the developer team has announced to look closer to Rubber banding (via Twitter.com). Already a day later, on November 17, a patch is in the game.

In particular, a gadget should have caused problems: the proximity sensor (German: ambient sensor). This is a throwing object that marks opponents in the area. This has apparently led to increased rubber banding.

Do NOT Buy Battlefield 2042!!! - Honest Review (PS5/Xbox) However, some players also share that certain elements of the evolution can lead to lags and thereby causing a mistake — for example when large oil tanks are destroyed. In any case, the developers are just about finding a solution.

There are other problems? The bigger problems currently also count the scattering of the assault rifles. These are too inaccurate for many players and urgently need a revision. A developer already promised here that you look at the thing.

This also helps a discovery of the players that the hit zones of specialists are too big. You can kill players without meeting them. Interestingly, some fans do not even be bad, so long as these hatboxes are consistent.

In any case, many players currently hope for a Day-one patch to release on November 19, which should fix the problems. However, we do not know what exactly with this patch.


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