Battleground 2042 Has Penguins And Also A Snowman

Battlefield 2042 is out with early access, and also players are making all type of discoveries, including the existence of penguins as well as a snowman Easter egg.

On the cold and snowy Breakaway map, players can discover multiple families of penguins simply hanging out and occasionally moving down a hillside and right into the water. There are grownups as well as children alike. And you can see them in the video listed below from Jackals. The video game also has a snowman, it appears. Take a look:

The Field of battle collection is known for its animal-based Easter eggs. Possibly the most noteworthy instance is the Megalodon shark from previous games. Yet, the shark has not been discovered in Battleground 2042, it appears.

Breakaway takes area in Antarctica around an oil rig. Step carefully on this vibrant map, where oil removal has turned the freezing area to a calculated hot area. Make use of destructible gas storage tanks as well as silos that produce debris fields and also irreversible fires when ruined, reads a line from the map s description.

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