At New World, there is much criticism of the endgame developer explaining their master

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019, much better called E3 2019, was the twenty-fifth version of the Electronic Amusement Exposition. The occasion was organized by the Entertainment Software Program Organization (ESA), which occurred at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 11 to 13, 2019. Lots of business celebrated their interview on previous days, with the exception Sony, that for the first time in his story jumped the E3. No brand-new video game hardware was disclosed, although Microsoft introduced that he was starting to work with the next Xbox generation, while Sony had actually reviewed his very own primary help the approaching PlayStation consoles, both that are anticipated to reach 2020. A lot of the Ads at E3 concentrated on brand-new video games, much of which will certainly go on sale considering that the end of 2019 till the beginning of 2020. Special emphasis was put on subscription solutions, such as Xbox Video Game Pass as well as Play Plus, along with in the Streaming solutions, such as Google Stadia as well as Microsoft Cloud.

The Endgame looking at New World currently receives a lot of criticism. The Grind, the existing variety of content and the latest changes do not come off well. The developers now explain what is their vision of the endgame and what content should there be in the future.

What does the endgame of New World? New World offers a variety of content on the endgame, such as wars or the farms of Legendary equipment through various methods. But that is not enough for many players.

Because some have already seen the maximum level of equipment and all its contents. These bugs and problems are around the wars, so many have lost because the fun.

The latest patch 1.1 has also made some endgame areas heavier, which even led to write-downs on Steam.

How do the developers that? Now developers will post forums have intensively dealt with the issue in an endgame. It gave a general overview of their idea of ​​endgame content and a glimpse of what is to come soon (via SeaWorld).

Endgame consists of mix of Eve and PVP, but everything should lead to the goal

What the developers say exactly? In the article they explain their vision of Endgames. This should on several pillars and a mix of PVP and Eve based content. In the article, the following items are named for the Endgame:

Wars for territory The PVP outpost rush invasions Boss arenas 60+ Elite events with the Corrupted Elite areas and named Boss Expeditions (Dungeons for 3-5 players)

All these game content will help you to come to a gear at the maximum level. That's the big idea of ​​Endgames: There will be different ways to achieve the goal — to get to — in this case the best equipment.

New World's End Game Explained What about the current problems? With patch 1.1, there were some undocumented changes that opponents and bosses in elite areas were made heavier. Their level or their numbers were increased about. Simultaneously, the rewards have been reduced from chests.

The article states that the elite opponents will be more challenging for players who already have a higher gear. However, the developers admit that the drop chance at the elite chests is not ideal. There they want to again unscrew it.

Dungeons and more for the future

What is the future of Endgames? Currently, the developers are working that the dungeons are attractive. For this purpose they want to keep the orbs in view required for entry.

At the same time further expeditions were promised. Exactly when these come, was not betrayed. However, already six new dungeons on data mining have been found.

Moreover, it is vague, that it will be more in the future. What exactly is hiding behind the more is not clear. About the data mining, however, a Dungeon Finder, new difficulty levels for dungeons and a PVP arena were found.

What do you say to date to the end game of the New World? Could you the MMO captivate the long term or are you waiting eagerly for an update that brings the new content?

Just last week, the first major update was released with a new weapon and several other adjustments. We have put together everything you need:

New World brings large patch 1.1 with over 100 adjustments — Patch Notes


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