Animal Crossing: After 8 months boredom, the DLC captures me to the switch

After nearly eight months, our editor ventured back to Animal Crossing: New Horizons approach. Attracted by free Update 2.0, it freezes designer for DLC Happy Home. What does the DLC everything correctly, learn it here?

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons feel of the series has changed

Animal Crossing is a series that has accompanied me since Nintendo DS era. Wild World had then helped me through tough times. What is my turn and why New Horizons has just taken a pandemic like a bomb, you learn in the following article :

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, however, urged me with his new focus on the shapes of the island to forget the relaxation factor. I plunged instead headlong into the work: My island was more beautiful and more complex.

Nearly 700 hours and three islands buildings later, then was out the air. And yet I had not been able to implement so many themes and ideas for lack of space. What followed were eight months standstill.

Happy Home Paradise is a must

Then a miracle happens: Nintendo announces in October 2021 a huge update with new content and furnishings on to which the Community has been waiting forever. I make it short: The free update is huge. And yet it adds to the game Gameplay technically not too much new added once you have unlocked all the shops on Harvey s Island and the café.

What will certainly keep me on the other hand for a while longer at the bar, is Happy Home Paradise The paid DLC gives you the opportunity to design a house for all animal inhabitants in the game -. Inside and out. You are given specific topics to which you have to keep you rough.

Otherwise, your creativity run wild but is left. Some of my interessantesten jobs were as a space for a watch fanatic, a dollhouse and a theme park in the midst of ruins. Here, Nintendo has come up with a lot!

And a second room, I would never have occurred without the DLC on its idea:

So you are the game finally uses for the many items that otherwise are not used. And there is no upper limit of holiday homes, which you can set up. All the more than 400 animals you can give a home — as this could take some time to play through!

The good thing: Despite the even greater focus on the figures, the DLC feels a lot more relaxed than the main game. Maybe it s the heartwarming interactions with your team, but maybe the casual designing Because no matter what you do -. As long as their conserved its desired furniture — the residents are pleased with your creation. And you can always come back and do it again just when you later no longer like.

Moreover, the DLC is enormously rewarding. Your turn-over ever new functions freely as colorful lighting, soundscapes and partitions. In addition, there are a number every day brand-new items in the store of Architects that you unlock so much faster than if you drop by every day in nooks.

The bottom line can therefore say Happy Home Paradise is an extremely successful DLC. And for the price of 25 euros He s also worth in any case. After all, its predecessor, Happy Home Designer for the 3DS still a full price title for almost 30 to 40 euros.

Halted on beach time out for one of the 10 most popular residents. Maybe you have luck and decorate his or her are allowed House:


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