Amazon - Nintendo Switch now to Toppreis on offer [advert]

At Amazon, you can get the Nintendo Switch (Edition 2019) in Neon-Red and Neon-Blue just for 269.95 euros. Although there are still 289 euros on the product side, which is now the regular price at Amazon. However, a discount voucher at the cash register will be deducted again €19.05. To do this, you only need to click on the box next to the Coupon box that you find on the product page below the price.

Nintendo Switch (Edition 2019) for €269,95 at Amazon (use voucher!)

The voucher is in principle still until the 10th of November. However, we would not rely on the fact that the offer is still available for so long. Already during the collection of this article, the availability of the switch on Amazon has deteriorated from Ready to ship in 1 to 2 days on Ready to ship in 6 days. Therefore, we would not be surprised if the console would be sold out in the course of today.

Update: Our fears unfortunately have been even faster as intended. The offer is already sold out.

Nintendo Switch: Edition 2019 or Dear OLED?

The prices of the Nintendo Switch in the version from 2019 have fallen significantly since the summer, which with the appearance of the new Nintendo Switch OLED in early October. The Nintendo Switch OLED offers some advantages over the older model, such as a better stand and slightly more memory (64 GB instead of 32 GB).

The most important selling argument is, of course, the new OLED display, which offers perfect black, high contrast and an excellent color representation. However, you do not get more computing power with the Nintendo Switch OLED. Whether the extra charge is worth the normal switch depends therefore on whether you often use them in handheld mode or whether they will follow them on the TV anyway. However, the Nintendo Switch OLED is only bad in Germany.

Nintendo Switch (Edition 2019) for €269,95 at Amazon (use voucher!)

Nintendo Switch OLED + Metro id Dread for €399

The Nintendo Switch OLED should actually be sold at prices of about 360 euros, but is currently virtually sold out and, according to comparison platforms, to get very excessive prices. Only at OTTO you can order them at a reasonably reasonable price, namely for 399 euros including Metro id Dread. Even Otto can not deliver immediately, but after all, promises that you get the console before Christmas.

Nintendo Switch OLED + Metro id Dread for €399 at Otto (delivery until Christmas)

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