The Nintendo Switch online trailer + expansion package becomes the video with less I like by Nintendo

Nintendo Switch users are nothing happy with the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack. First it was the price, double the usual in Nintendo Switch online.

If you wanted to access Nintendo 64 games and Sega Mega Drive offered in the service, you should let out another 20 euros per year In addition to the 20 you already paid before.

Afterwards, when the games came out on October 26, the anger was older when they saw the low quality of the Nintendo 64 emulation, with games with Input Lag, ill-recreated graphic effects such as the fog of Ocarina of Time, Limitations such as not being able to save the time time at Mario Kart 64, impossibility to map controls and other liments.

Nintendo does not usually react to the feedback of the users and we do not expect it to rectify, but on this occasion the fans are being heard. In fact, and as a user aimed at Reddit, the online explanation trailer of Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack is the Nintendo video with YouTube Dislikes.

Nintendo Switch Online has BIG Issues and a BIGGER Price Tag

When writing these lines, it has already exceeded 100,000 negative votes, compared to 17,318 positive votes, with 1,071,167 visits.

In the Nintendo Canal Spain the ratio is similar: with 90,597 visits, it has 2,344 positive votes and 14,211 negative.

It exceeds Metroid Prime Federation Force, the most hated Game of 3DS, which in its 2015 E3 trailer had 96,866 negative votes, compared to 11,239 positives, and 1.5 million visits.

Some of the problems of Nintendo Switch online related to their emulation could be corrected with updates, or at least softening the damage with weight adding as Goldeneye... which is unlikely, but yesterday we knew that Nintendo made an unusual movement in Germany related to the Rare game, and it can be a good sign.

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack Includes Access to the DLC Payment Happy Home Paradise of Animal Crossing New Horizons, so maybe add DLC to the Premium service is another way to gain back the confidence of users.


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