Marvel Studios would have added four new projects to his plans for the UCM, including the Thunderbolts film

After a year of a paron caused by the pandemic of Coronavirus, Marvel s cinematographic universe seems to have taken run.

2021 is being a year full of projects, including five television series and four UCM films, from scarlet witch and vision in January to Spider-Man: No Way Home in December.

With that rhythm of premieres it seems less unleashed than in Marvel Studios add new projects to its medium-term list.

According to GWW, the study would have incorporated four new projects to its planning for the coming years. Specifically they would be planned to start their production in 2023.

The first of these projects, and technically announced previously, it would be film of the fantastic 4, which will feature the director of the Spider-Man trilogy of the UCM, Jon Watts.

The second project is another film that takes pretty much in the surroundings of Marvel s cinematographic universe: The Thunderbolts.

Series as Falcon and the winter soldier have helped to lay the foundations so that this Marvel Suicide Squad terrice in the UCM.

HUGE MCU PHASE 4 NEWS! Fantastic Four, Nova Movie, Thunderbolts & MORE!

The two remaining projects would be shang-chi 2, which would have benefited from success at the box office of the first film, and a Black Panther Spin-off series: Wakanda Forever, starring Danai Gurira as Okoye.

As you can see, the first two projects follow the trend that the UCM itself is marking. The 4 fantastic was officially announced, but remained in the limbo inside the planning of Marvel.

And the Thunderbolts is increasingly a matter of time than anything else, with many of its potential members already introduced into the UCM.

However, at the moment we are going to consider this information as a rumor, until an official source confirms that these four projects (three if we discounted 4 fantastic), are on the table.

Does any attention call you any attention from the 4 projects mentioned in this information? Do you think we will have official confirmation soon?


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