Erotic Role-Play allowed in Final Fantasy XIV, but stalking no longer

Final Fantasy (Jap.: ファイナル ファンタジ Fainaru Fantajī) is a computer role-playing series of the Japanese company Square (later Square Enix). In addition to the now 15 titles of the focus, the successful brand Final Fantasy has extended to numerous platforms and genres, including tactic role-playing, Enix decideds, mobile phone games, three anime productions and three animated films. So far, more than 100 million units of the brand were sold worldwide (as of June 7, 2011). Although Final Fantasy is a series, there is no continuous action that runs through all parts. Each (main) part of the series offers a self-contained history with its own characters, its own or only loose to other parts coupled world (see Fabula Nova Crystallis) and also a separate game system. Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and some offshoot titles attach content to a main part, but the game system often deviates significantly.

Square Enix decided to address several unusual elements of Final Fantasy XIV. While Azeroth has his tavern in Goldshire and ERP (Erotic Role-Play), so Aneorah is famous for such accents in Limes Lomins. A long time in the city can provide you with Narrow unusual views to which you can get used to time. What about this developer?

Everything is fine, but on condition that you do it privately. Square ENIX realizes that some emotions in Final Fantasy XIV are abused or used in a manner inconsistent with intention. Nevertheless, the company recognized that such behavior is allowed in the game, but under a few conditions:

  1. We do not catch random players;

The Final Fantasy XIV New Player Experience... 2. Both sides must agree to such a fun;

  1. Erotic Role-Play must take place in a private place.

So if you want to play in a way in Final Fantasy XIV, there is no problem, while you do not do it and you do not force it. Square ENIX does not agree to forcing you to participate in such activities or to urge to them (public). In this situation, if you break the principle, you can get a ban.

Players can of course report inadequate behaviors to developers to increase the likelihood of punishment of a slope. This also applies to stalking (persecution), which apparently becomes a problem in Final Fantasy XIV. It turns out that some of the players are still teleporting to the location of other people and reads them, despite the clear and urgent requests to stop such activities. This applies in particular to cases when contact is forbidden legally. In such cases, you also have to reckon with Ban.

Square Enix knows that Final Fantasy XIV has tools to facilitate stalls. For example, throwing someone from the list of friends does not make you disappear from this player s list - he still knows our location. When we take a wedding, we get a ring that allows you to teleport to the other half. In the case of divorce, however, we do not lose a ring or skills associated with it. These issues may be addressed in the future. Black list (sorry, Blocklist) also does not help.

Everything discussed in detail you will find here.


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